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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

October 22nd 2006 : Worthing, West Sussex, England

Location: Worthing, West Sussex, England

Date: Sunday, 10/22/06, 10.20 p.m GMT

Approach Direction: First seen in the north east

Departure_Direction: south east

Witness Direction: North East

Description: I was in the living room, about to go to bed, when there was a bright, white flashing light that I could see through a gap in the curtains, when I turned the light out. I went back to the window and saw a painfully bright white light just on top of a red light. It was stationary at first. The white light was pulsing about once a second or slightly quicker. I thought it was a plane, heading away from me to Shoreham airport, which is about 6 miles away, but it gradually drifted West.

It was so bright, I went and got sunglasses and sat down to watch it. For about ten minutes, it hovered. By this time, the red part had vanished and it was just a white flashing star. I thought it might be a police helicopter. It drifted slowly south and turned into two red lights, then one of these turned green. There was no sound. Usually you can hear a helicopter if the police are looking for someone. Then it turned into one red light.

I got binoculars: when it changed from blue-green and red to single colour, they seemed to fuse. Once or twice it seemed to disappear then reappear. Usually you can see a light turning off, if you know what I mean. It was hanging in the Southern sky, quite low. From green/red it turned blue-green then fused into one yellow-white light, about half the brightness of the original. It just sat above the tree-line, fading into a faint smudge, then it would flicker and 'power up' again.

By 11.10 pm it was still in exactly the same place as it had 'parked' in at about 10.30. It changed into an odd-shaped corner light, like the outside curved edge, in gold/white. Then it went to a longer set of tiny dim lights. Once, it flickered into a small downward pointing triangle of tiny lights, as though an undercarriage was twinkling. At 11.10 another white half-circle light went over, from east to west. the first didn't move or respond. at about 11.45 i finally gave up watching. However, I looked this morning and it was still there in the same place, at 7. am. Only visible through binoculars as two or more very dim and tiny lights which would occasionally turn green/red/but mostly like a smudge in the dawn sky. At 7.20, it disappeared. I don't know if the whole thing was a couple of helicopters. In the daylight, I realise there's a hill at or below the place where it was stationary. Perhaps something terrestrial did park on the hill. I don't know.

Color/Shape: Changing coloured lights. First flashing bright white, then red, red and green, yellow-white and various arrangements and sizes of light in the same object. Single point, double, row, triangle, semi-circle

Height & Speed: Hovering and flying very low. Lower than domestic plane/ helicopter, or thereabouts. Moved very slowly,and stayed in one position as though 'locked' for about nine hours.

TV/Radio/Press: I haven't seen anything yet. I haven't contacted police or airport to check whether it was a helicopter or new kind of plane.

Update from witness:

Dear Ufoinfo,

Thanks for getting back to me. Since posting my 'sighting', I think I've solved part, if not all of what I saw. The small lights that stayed in the same spot all night are, I'm pretty sure, some streetlights on top of a hill. The occasional 'charging up' flash I saw is (I think) a car's headlights as it comes over the top of the hill. The red may have been stationary cars going the other way.

In the dark, I couldn't see that there was the hill. In daylight (and through binoculars) that's where my bright flashing light seemed to go. It may be that I can see the edge of Shoreham airport from my flat. Oh well - to be honest, I'm quite relieved!

Thanks for your site and all the time you must spend, cataloguing! It's very interesting. I was looking at "ufos". There are some interesting Nasa satellite films, but a lot of the postings are people's animated films. A lot aren't though. Definately some odd things flying about!