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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

October 26th 2006 : Chawton, Hampshire, England

Location: Chawton, Hampshire, United Kingdom (Over Farmland)

Date: Thursday October 26th 2006 at 6:02pm

Approach Direction: It was in the east

Departure Direction: did not see departure, object just appeared and disappeared.

Witness Direction: the east

Description: At 6:03pm I was tending to livestock outside my home I looked into the sky (eastward's) and saw a bright orange/red beam of light which lasted for 4-5 second's before disappearing, I quickly turned and got my camcorder out of my bag (thinking I would be able to capture this Object/thing on film) I turned back to where I had been looking and all around only to discover that there was absolutetly nothing. I had only been turned for a couple of second's and there was no way that a normal aircraft could have disappeared in that time frame without me seeing it first. The Object was not that big and I am not exactly certain what shape it was as the sky was not at its clearest though it did look a bit like it was saucer or disk shaped. I cannot come up with ANY explanation as to what this could have been and can only think that this object (or whatever it was) was not from this world. I Have Reported This Sighting To NUFORC)

Color/Shape: orange/red unsure as to it's shape as I was a little way away from it (though it did look a bit like it was saucer or disk shaped)

Height & Speed: 200-250 feet up, did not see direction of approach and did not see it depart. This object was not a meteor, star, planet, parachute, bird or balloon (weather or otherwise) or shoting star. It was also not a jet, helicopter, glider, kite, satellite or anything else similar.

TV/Radio/Press: No