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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

October 29th 2006 : M6 Motorway, between Junction 18 and 19, England

Location: m6 motorway between junction 18 and 19 going north on the left hand side of motorway

Date: 29 oct 06 about 1am to about 1.40am

Approach Direction: it seemed to follow me up the motorway on my left side

Departure Direction: it just disapeared

Witness Direction: i was driving northbound and could see it to my left on passenger side of car

Description: white round lights in a large circle that was spinning clockwise but was also chaning direction and making a patteren me my wife and my son all seen it and i thought it was sme kind of disco laser but it was ther on my passenger side for about 16 miles.

Color/Shape: white spinng lights

[This does sound like a laser display, but surely not for 16 miles? If anyone has more information please send it to me - John @ UFOINFO]