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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

November 1st 2006 : Marple, Cheshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Marple, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Date: 0:00 01/11/06

Approach Direction: South of Marple

Departure Direction: North of Marple

Witness Direction: South Initialy and followed its path with a clear unobstructed view untill out of site.

Description: Firstly I would like to point out that this object is beyond my realm of understanding, from what I know and perceive to be identified, implies that an object conforms to a set of rules that I have grown to understand through education and scientific knowledge. This object was clearly beyond any understanding therefore in my opinion is an unidentified flying object. No green men just weird.

I was standing outside my back door around about midnight having a cigarette. The sky was clear and there was little light pollution that would cause a haze in the sky. I am normally used to seeing satellites over our location and being fascinated with this fact it is normally something I look out for whilst participating in my bad habit. I normally look for celestial bodies that move independently of the star lit back drop, so just generally scan the sky for a few brief minutes. Then go in. Other objects we normally see are planes either on a circular inbound flight path to Manchester Airport, the Greater Manchester Police Plane or helicopter. The inbound flight path to Manchester Airport takes incoming aeroplanes further East of where the sighting was.

I happened to look to the south of where I was standing between two rows of terrace houses, where upon I noticed a new light come into vision. I instantly tried to process the light in my head and ascertain some conclusion as to its identity. The light appeared to have a high altitude, although I could see some defined shape I could not see any typical flashing beacons that would identify it to be an aeroplane. There was no vapour trail and although this is not necessary to to prove an aeroplane there was a distinct lack of sound.

The object appeared to have move over my head at a consistent speed although it deviated sharply (minor Zig ZAG) which at that stage I considered the physics involved to be impossible for a human craft to endure. Following the quick zig zag movement, I moved my head in an attempt to see if I had caused the movement by natural movement. I had not. The object by this time had moved over my head and continued in a northerly direction. The object did not appear to make any noise, the object travelled faster than anything I have seen in the sky except shooting stars and this object did not emit any form of debris tail. The object left my field of vision above raising above the nap of the earth before the horizon.

Description. I have tried to explain this to my wife and co workers. It was like a round shape with a thin almost transparent disc shape around its centre circumference. It did not emit any light but appeared to be reflecting ambient light from the ground level. A part of my mind wanted to believe that it was a large flying duck or a dragon fly it had that sort of blurry thing going on with this disc shaped skirt around its central orb.

I have discounted airplanes, helicopters, shooting stars, Hubble, satellites and other man made objects. Also shooting stars and meteorites etc or a cell of skin on my eyeball.

The speed of the object was just to bloody fast for a weather balloon or similar. Particularly as the night was still. I therefore conclude that this is a unidentified flying object, which for all intense and purposes I can not explain.

I am aware of the little green men stories and conspiracy theories, I like a bit of science fiction X files etc but at no stage would I fabricate a story like this. I even had to wake my wife to tell her. I was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Color/Shape: Autum Gold in colour. See above for description.

Height & Speed: My eyes are not calibrated so I can not judge speed, however I can compare the speed in my head with the airoplanes I see on the approach path towards Manchester Aiport and this object travelled at 6-8 times the speed. Despite the zig zag deviation of course it did not faulter in speed.

TV/Radio/Press: not reported.