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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

November 3rd 2006 : Clayhall, Ilford, Essex, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Clayhall, Ilford, Essex

Date: 11/03/06 local time 4.15 a.m.

Approach Direction: from the right quite high in the sky

Departure Direction: to the left straight across

Witness Direction: looking ahead

Description: I got up unable to sleep to have a cigarette and looked out to the night sky from my window in my back lounge. I saw a very bright light moving slowly from the right, at first thought it was a plane, but then it suddenly stopped as it went past me, but it was high in the sky, it was like it knew it was being watched?! It was at least a mile or two away. I thought it was really wierd, then it started moving again behind a tree to my left and disappeared.It was definitely not a plane. It was round and bright and there was no flashing lights on it at all. It didn't move like a plane.

Color/Shape: It was round, but it was quite far away to see any real detail. It was bright and illuminous light white colour.

Height & Speed: It was travelling slowly, then suddenly stopped mid-air. Then moved away again slowly behind some trees.

TV/Radio/Press: not reported as far as I know.