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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

November 4th 2006 : Seaton, Cornwall, England

Location: Seaton, Cornwall

Date: 9pm, 10.20pm 04 11 06

Approach Direction: East to West

Departure Direction: Vertical upwards

Witness Direction: Facing out to sea between Rame Head and Looe Island

Description: I noticed a quite large orange ball out to sea [my house is on the hill, garden runs down to edge of cliff] I looked through bino's to get a closer look and saw what I can only describe as an orange balloon shape - I thought at first it was a hot air balloon although this seemed improbable. However it remained fixed in the sky apparently oscillating or hovering like a kestrel. After approx ten minutes I went outside to see it more clearly - I was a little concerned. I met two women who were also watching it. After several minutes it flew upwards at a great speed.

Approx 20 minutes later it appeared again I was so concerned I phoned my brother and whilst telling him and describing it a second one appeared travelling east to west and hovered above the original object they remained so for approx twenty minutes during which time I, phoned a friend who lives across the bay, she looked out of her window and watched as the second object travelled across the sky. We chatted until they both disappeared upwards at a great speed.

I have watched helicopters and various jets and planes and of course the regular manoeuvres [naval] as I live on the cliff facing the sea this was nothing like any thing I have seen in seventeen years. I phoned Met Office they said something similar in Hampshire, reported last week? Suggested I phone MoD they had no idea what it could be. I would be so grateful if someone could enlighten me.

Color/Shape: Seemed to be balloon shaped through bino's however disc or circular to the naked eye

Height & Speed: No idea but in the scale of things I've seen over the sea i.e helicopters, jets, they seemed to travel at a phenomenal speed into sky.

TV/Radio/Press: Not reported except to MoD and Met Office.

[I wrote to Ann (the witness) asking her to look at the UFO Balloons site to see if this is might be what she saw. Ann replied that while she does not think that is what was seen she has ordered some 'balloons' and will test them when she returns home in a couple of weeks time - John @ UFOINFO.]

Update from Ann:

December 9th 2006

Hello John,

Greetings from Cornwall. Thank you for your e.mail, yes I did have fun with the balloons, they really are quite beautiful and such fun. I can see why they are so popular, however I can certainly say that what I saw bore no resemblance to them, in size speed or indeed the time they remained in the sky.

What did surprise me was that I received a letter from the M.O.D who claimed there was no other reported sightings on that night and yet I noticed that there had been two other reports from England on your list and one of them on the same coastline [English channel]. It may be that they had not reported them to the M.O.D. Well I quess it will remain a mystery!

Once again thank you for taking the time to contact me, I am certainly intrigued by some of the info.

Kind regards,