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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

November 5th 2006 : Worthing, West Sussex, England

Location: Worthing, West Sussex

Date: Sunday 5th November 2006 about 6 pm

Approach Direction: static appearance and disappearance in north east sky

Departure Direction: as above

Witness Direction: facing north east (I think)

Description: As previous sighting (Oct 22nd): I was watching foreworks from the window and I saw another of those very bright flashing white lights. It flashed once, then darkness. I thought, oh look - another helicopter. Then two flashed, quite near each other. Then darkness, then three - the top two were quite close and looked as though near enough to collide. Then dark. Then six flashes, then dark, finally about nine, all within the same area of sky. Then darkness and no further flashes. I know it was bonfire night, but I know I've never seen a firework like this before. The flashes just appeared - no upward travelling 'star' that explodes, with a firework. As I said, I still think they're probably police helicopters - I've seen a similar flashing white light on the underside of one of these - but nine??? In the same patch of sky then vanishing with no further trajectory? Also, you can normally hear a helicopter. This was silent. At one point, the six sort of rippled when they flashed. I just wondered whether anyone else saw this? It was probably of terrestrial origin, but just in case it wasn't, thought I'd post it.

Color/Shape: large bright white flashing lights. First one, then two/three/six/nine (approx). Appeared and disappeared in series of three or four 'flashes', over about ten or twenty seconds, then vanished. Unlike any other firework seen.

Height & Speed: Quite low in sky. No idea of height. Approx same as a low-flying aircraft (or helicopter.)In same place as the last light departed to.

TV/Radio/Press: none to my knowledge.