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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

November 18th 2006 : Brighton, Sussex, England

Location: Seafront over Brighton by the west pier at 11.30pm on Saturday 18th November

Date: 18/11/06 23.30

Approach Direction: west to east

Departure Direction: na

Witness Direction: west

Description: one bright orange light in the sky then 3 other appeared they seemed to be static and rising slowly sometimes definitely not flares three others witnessed the event.

Color/Shape: orange circular very bright

Height & Speed: speed static height not sure


I sent the following message to James (the witness):

Thanks for the report.

One question I always ask when there are reports of orange lights is to ask the witness to have a look at the UFO Balloons website at:

It's not that I do not believe you, just a case of more and more people letting these things off, especially in the London area. If you get the chance to look at the link I would appreciate it if you could let me know if this is what you might or might not have seen.

Also did the three other lights appear from the direction of land or sea?


James replied:

Definitely not UFO balloons as the light was very much bigger and the other lights lit up next to them at altitude. The lights were above the land. Is there any other ideas what this is, I know there was 2 of us who saw it and a further two who confirmed the report without me saying anything to them who were in the same area at the time.