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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

December 16th 2006 : Scapegoat Hill and Scammonden Reservoir near Marsden, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Two neighbouring locations Scapegoat Hill and Scammonden Reservoir near Marsden, Kirklees, West Yorkshire

Date: 1800 Saturday, 16.12.06 (using local time)

Approach Direction: Static

Departure Direction: Became invisible (light went off) but re-appeared 2 seconds later in 2nd location

Witness Direction: North East

Description: Returning from football match (in Burnley) along A 62 we were about 10 miles west of Huddersfield. Coming down from Standedge top towards Marsden became aware of what looked like a sunset in a highly illuminated dense cloud area. IT had already been dark 2 hours and the sky position ruled out presence of sun, venus and moon. Could see a central point to the light which seemed about 3 times the size of Venus shining through cloud. For a second it seemed to shine with what was almost a beam over a particular area of Scapegoat Hill. Then the light went out. I looked around and within seconds noticed a highly illuminated area of dense cloud in a different place (Scammonden Reservoir). We lost sight of this after a few seconds. There were two or three cars behind us at the time.

Color/Shape: Circle/sphere emitting very bright white/yellow light when visible

Height & Speed: Static it was probably 2 miles away at a height of 500 feet or over for both sightings.