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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

January 30th 2007 : Near Radstock, Bath, Somerset, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Open countryside in village near Radstock, Bath, Somerset, England

Date: 03/30/07 Time 7.10 p.m. GMT

Approach Direction: South West

Departure Direction: Just vanished

Witness Direction: South West

Description: I had took my dogs across the lane into the field and as they were hunting around i looked up at the sky and noticed what i initially thought was a perfectly circular cloud, which i thought was very odd. I continued to look at this and noticed that there was what looked like 2 perfect circles of white vapour trail, i also noticed that the inner circle was rotating but not moving, i was fascinated by this so continued to watch.

After a few minutes the whole thing moved firstly diagonally to my right ( Northwest) and then to my left (Southeast) after it did this a couple of times it started going around in circles and between the 2 circles of white vapour trail it looked transparant and it looked a bit like a mushroom shape. It then just vanished. I was on my own but i know that i really did see this and i just wondered if anyone else has seen anything like this at all.

Color/Shape: Looked like 2 circles of white vapour trail, but when it moved it looked transparant between the 2 circles of white vapour trail.

Height & Speed: No good at judging, but it seemed huge, especially when it started moving.

TV/Radio/Press: Not reported