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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

February 1st 2007 : Islington, London, England

[UFOINFO Note: The Islington Gazette dated February 2nd 2007 gives the day of the report as Thursday making the sighting as February 1st. Wikinews which uses the same report currently gives the date as January 29th 2007 which was a Monday.]

At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, 10-15 UFOs were spotted over north London in the inner-city district of Islington. The Islington police said they started receiving phone calls only minutes after the objects started appearing.....

.....the witness had told them, "He told me he was picking his daughter up from school and he saw many people looking up in the air. Traffic had stopped and people were staring. He said he saw between 12 and 15 orange lights travelling across the sky. Then they would stop and then they went upwards."

[UFOINFO Note: The description of the movement sounds as if they could be 'UFO ballooons/lanterns', though I would be happy to be proved wrong and according to the discussion on the UFODATA Magazine Forum I could be!]

The full original article with photo can be found at the Islington Gazette website.

The Wikinews article can be found here.

My thanks to Nima for alerting me to the Wikinews report - John @ UFOINFO.