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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

March 6th 2007 : Speeton, near Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England

Date: 10.45 p.m. Tuesday 6th March 2007

Approach Direction: In Sky for about 15 minutes

Departure Direction: See press report below

Witness Direction: South West

Color/Shape: Glowing Orange Red Spheres-no sound, no vapour trails, moving diagonally, vertically & hotizontally in sky about 45 degrees up

Height & Speed: See above

TV/Radio/Press: Bridlington Free Press on 8th March and further reports from multiple witnesses on Bridlington Free Press on 15th March.

Bridlington Free Press

Did you see a UFO?

By John Edwards

Did you spot something strange above the Bridlington area last Tuesday night?

David Hinde did and he wants to know if he is alone in witnessing two glowing red and orange balls in the sky.

He was travelling from a musical theatre group in Malton to his home in Bempton when he saw what he believes could be a UFO.

"As I apporached the Dotterel junction at about 10.45pm I could see in the distance, on the right-hand side, two glowing spherical objects, orange and red.....

Read the full report at the Bridlington Free Press

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UFOINFO thanks Paul Sinclair and ILFUFO for forwarding the report