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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

April 9th 2007 : Pen Dinas Hill Fort, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Over Pen Dinas hill fort, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales. Sighted from Llangawsai, Aberystwyth, the grounds of the Plas Crug Leisure Centre.

Date: 9:10 PM UK Summer time (GMT + 1)
09 04 07 (9 April 2007)
Sky was mostly indigo dark, with a little twilight left to the west, where the sun had set.

Approach Direction: Unsure which direction; could have been up or towards me or away; no variation in size apparent. It was 'above' Pen Dinas (an iron age hill fort in Penparcau, a suburb of Aberystwyth).

Departure Direction: see above

Witness Direction: south

Description: A bright orange (definitely not red) light, not as bright as Venus(?), which was in the sky to the east or Orion, but brighter than any star in Orion, through which the object was moving.

I was walking my dog and standing still for about 4 minutes watching it move. A very distinct object and moving unrelated to anything else in the sky. Then when the dog finished doing her 'business' I bent down to pick up the mess. When I looked up again it had simply vanished. I spent several minutes scanning the sky but couldn't see anything which could have been it.

It it weren't for the colour and the fact that it vanished I would have put it down as an airplane, which are common here.

I had not had any alcohol to drink since a half-pint of beer 24 hours previously.

Color/Shape: Orange. No particular shape. Not cigar or saucer or anything like that. It did not twinkle, like the lights of an airplane would do. Slight fizziness around the outline. No extensions or projections beyond the main body of any kind.

I don't think the colour was an optical illusion from street lighting or the like, although there are some streets lights in the area. It was definitely not a street light from across the valley, because it was moving up and west relative to them, although roughly the same colour. Nor could have been a vehicle, because there are no roads at that position in the 'sky'.

Height & Speed: I thought at first it was a plane, but then realised the colour was wrong. It was moving at an appropriate speed for an airplane, but no noise (which could mean it was too far away). It was moving apparently upwards and somewhat to the left, through the lower half of Orion. Its movement seemed to be slightly erratic, i.e., I kept thinking it was wobbling slightly to both sides of a straight trajectory, but that could be the effect of my concentration, and there was nothing in the sky I could compare it with.

TV/Radio/Press: Not reported