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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

May 18th 2007 : Near Brighton, East Sussex, England

Near Brighton U.K. Small Orb Changes To A Triangle In Shape

Date: May 18, 2007
Time: 02:00

HBCC UFO Research Note: Three UFO reports came into HBCC UFO Research this morning from the same gentleman. Sighting reports that are submitted by way of "News For My Site" I am not able to reply to folks sending in their reports. Although I have the witnesses name, I don't have a returning email address to chat to the witness over the sightings, which total 3 different events.

The weather conditoions were clear, bright, lots of stars. The duration of the event was 3 - 5 minutes Until 6:00 a.m. Facing exactly west on the Greenwhich meridian towards Brighton. The number of UFOs witnessed were 12 in total. The height ,between 300 - 1000 feet. The size of the objects, half a thumb nail to a whole thumb.

Number of Witnesses: 1

I have seen so many UFO/ETV over the years in this area. They seem to like me for some reason. I am reporting this incident because up until now I have only ever seen discs, cylinders, and small orbs. However this weekend I was observing with my binoculars the usual assortment of small orbs. One began glowing a little larger then smaller then larger and so on. It changed from white to blue to red to white to blue and so on in sequence. After about 5 minutes it started rising slowing and moved from the south in an arc towards the north. It stopped over the house at the top of my street and was very low.

The shape of the craft changed from the smaller orb in an instant to a triangle with many more strobe lights directly in front of me. They wanted me to see them. The craft was much larger about the size of my thumb. It moved very slowly. There were no seagulls or foxes which I usually hear all night every night in fact in was very, very silent with the occasional car passing on the coast road. The car sound was not normal and appeared slowed down.As the craft moved along there was a sound rather like a Gale force wind with reverb. The sound was very slow almost like a slowed down video tape. The craft had an unusually large cloud behind it like a backdrop. The cloud was low because I could see stars above the cloud at eye level. The craft appeared to have lights that were different to the orbs as they were vertical, (The orb lights always appear rounded). The larger craft had vertical lights that were gold/white. These lights took up a lot of the space on the side and rear. After it stopped over the house (in perspective) facing north at the end of my street the sound stopped. An it was a small orb again.I went into the Garden and a few seconds later another two of these same triangle vehicles appeared facing directly east. Flying in an arc towards the north and seemed to disappear in the same location as the first. They did not land at Gatwick Airport ! They simply returned small orbs. They remained in sight until I went to bed at 6:00am.

I usually work at night in my computer room. I work from 10:00pm until 6:00am sometimes these hours fluctuate. The sightings have been going on for years. If you look for UFO sighting or UFO reports on Google for Brighton, Teslcombe Cliffs, Peacehaven, Saltdean, or even Sussex on Google UK you will see quite a few incidents. Many many more are not reported.

Also go to :

Sussex is the home to the famous Sussex Police Traffic Helicopter video 2001. Sussex is also the origin of 3 of the most famous Alien/EBE photos as shown by Jaime Maussan at various UFO conferences. Also the same weekend I saw them two pilots with 20 years flying service saw a mile long UFO off the coast of the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands are off the south coast of England which is where I live.

I am always scanned from several different angles by a transparent translucent beam or beams. The shape of the beams is always conical and always swings like a pendulum over other houses cars until it hits my window. I can see the residue as when a video tape is old and worn but not as obvious. It's very subtle. After about 3 or 4 beams have pendulumed over me or my room I always here popping sounds from the rooftops of the houses in my street. Then the sounds of the cars on the coast road start to sound slowed down like a slowed down video tape. After this the various craft appear some are incredibly bright. They know I am observing them with my telescope and Binoculars. They have surrounded my immediate vicinity on many an occasions. I see them when every one in my street is asleep. They sometimes look like they have parked their vehicles in front of where the stars would be. But they are so low sometimes just above the radio Tower they are not stars. They move all of them move. The police helicopter has chased them many times. They can in an instant change from Orb to Triangle to fake star. They know who I am. They have always known who I am. They are not evil they are good. They are the same people from other planets that make the Crop circles that are so famous in the UK. They communicate via thought projection or telepathy there are no words or voices. They bear no ill intent towards us. They are concerned for our well being.

The humming or vibration usually occurs when I got to my bedroom. The hum is audible. The silence of the street and the houses is unbelievable. By that I mean usually we have hundreds of squawking Seagulls, we live on a cliff, yapping foxes, cats fighting people snoring rowdy drunks etc. But on every occasion that I have heard and felt the humming vibration there is no sound outside. I check its not in my head or something like tinitus by turning on the TV which I can hear perfectly then turn off.I put my fingers in my ears no humming but I can feel it through my feet. If I touch the wall it is vibrating, the bed, the wooden table etc. I have even shone my maglite which I placed directly on the wall right up to it pressed against the wall. The wall was not my wall the torch shone through the wall. I have been visited since the age of 4. They have never harmed me. I have been dropped onto my bed from a height recently, I am 39 years old.


Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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