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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

May 30th 2007 : Droxford, Hampshire, England

UFOINFO Note: The following report was originally filed with Droxton as the location.

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Droxford, Hampshire, England

Date: 30/05/07, 1:00am GMT

Approach Direction: from South-West

Departure Direction: headed East

Witness Direction: facing South

Description: At Approximately 1:00am one of our group of 4 directs our attention to a large object coming from the South-West. 2 of our group initially believe the object to be heading towards us (Northbound) and being V shaped with solid white lights on either side. The other 2 of our group believe the object to be tube/cylindrical shape with a cluster of lights at the rear and one solid light at the front, likening the object to an airship. We are all struck by its enormous size and lack of any sound.

I flash my torch at the object several times in an attempt to provoke a reaction but there was no obvious response of any kind. Shortly afterwards the object begins to fade slightly and decrease in size indicating a change in direction and altitude. 2 of us believe that the V shaped object had now turned to an Eastbound heading and the other 2 belive the cylindrical object to still be on the same course just now appearing further away.

I rush back to my car to get a pair of binoculars, during which time the object apparently continues to rise and fade into the South-Eastern nightsky. On my return one of our group is able to locate the object through the binoculars and maintain visual contact until approx 1:05 when the object fades out completely. Opinion is still divided but the group member who viewed the object through the binoculars believed the object to be cylindrical with a cluster of rear lights and a single front light- so I would speculate this to be the more credible opinion.

Prior to the sighting we had all noted a clear flight path running South-East to North-West and from 10:20pm (when we arrived) until 1:30am (when we left) no plane had deviated this path (except the unidentified object).

Color/Shape: Long cylindrical object with single white light at the front and cluster of white lights at the rear. Dark colouring. Difficult to determine size with no frame of reference, but it appeared extremely large. It appeared about the size of a single engine plane were it flying only a a few thousand feet fron the ground.

Height & Speed: Hard to say without a frame of reference and at night. Approximately 5'000 feet at its lowest, and travelling slowly at around 60-80mph.