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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

June 9th 2007 : Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Leeds, West yorkshire, UK

Date: 9th June 2007, 22:40 through 22:50

Approach Direction: Started from South East heading West

Departure Direction: Approximately South West

Witness Direction: South

Description: Reporting this sighting since there seem to be so many similar ones this year.

3 bright steady orange lights in total crossed a section of the sky one after the other (1 visible at a time) travelling from the East to the West. A total time of around 10 minutes, each sighting being approximately 2 minutes with a 1 minute gap.

The speed and trajectory was very much like a satellite. This was my thought after the first one.

However, as the first faded off there was a gap of less than 1 minute before a second one appeared in virtually the same trajectory and location. Each track lasted approximately 2 minutes. At this time I called my neighbour on the phone (since the colour was like no other I've seen) and he came out in time to see the third one being the exact repeat.

During the second light, I had chance to run inside to get digital camera. I managed to take 1 photo and 2 video clips. Though, unfortunately they are of poor quality due not having chance to set it up for night pictures. These are available if requested.

As background, I spend many hours in the garden at night in front of a Chiminea all year round. As such know full-well how satelletes and aircraft appear. I've never seen such a glow from a satellite nor 3 follow the same path. At the time I checked heavens above and there were no noted satellites following the east-west path.

The wind direction was blowing from the West to the East at ground level. I checked the met office and all clouds and wind appeared to be from the West to the East.

They lights could not have been UFO balloons due to the brightness/consistency, the wind being in opposite direction and seeing both the beginning and end of the light. Neighbour agrees and the same reasonaing applies for flares/fireworks etc.

I considered space debris re-entring the atmosphere and burning up, as this is exactly how I would imagine it look (though never knowingly seen any). However, I have no resources to confirm this.


Color/Shape: Steady bright orange lights. Brightness was similar to ISS but orange rather than white.

Height & Speed: My guestimate was space debris burning up or a fleet of satellites.



I have attached the original still image which at first sight looks uninteresting.

The object of note is the twin orange light near the centre. The bright white light is a star - don't know which but am sure I could work out based on looking due south and about 45deg up at the time recorded on the jpg.

Upon closer inspection the orange light appears to have 2 bright parts. At first when I saw the picture I thought it was just me being unsteady with the camera - since I didn't notice 2 separate lights with the eye, probably due to the brightness. However, the star is perfectly round therefore the camera must have been steady.

Also you can glean the relative brightness to the star and the orange colour compared to star-white.

The video files are very large (50mb) and don't show much since being hand-held, so probably not worth sending just yet (maybe).


[Name Deleted]

Cropped and enlarged section of photo showing orange object

Photo showing orange object
Click photo for full size original