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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

June 16th 2007 : Quinton, Birmingham, England

UFOINFO E-mail Report

My name is [deleted] and on Saturday 16/6/07 @ approx 8.32pm I witnessed a strange object in the sky.

I live in Quinton which is approx 4 miles from Birmingham city centre. I have had an interest in military aircraft since the age of 14, now 32. I know the signature patterns of aircraft and helicopter strobes and flight dynamics so the identification of an aircraft I can make instantly. I have been an amateur astronomer for over 10 years and own my own 10" Newtonian telescope with observatory so even the faintest satelite or space anomaly I can identify. To put it short, my eyes are quite well trained and not as naive as the general public.

I have had a keen interest for most of my life with Ufology and have read many if not most of the ufo literature. My personal favourite is Timothy Good who has received a copy of this email. I have read many case reports and sightings so I know what could be easily described as a ufo when a plain answer is available.

Thats a little about me so that you can see It would have to be something strange to catch my eye and completely baffle me.

Here's my sighting,

I was standing by my patio door having a cigarette and my wife had just gone in the bath, whilst smoking I noticed a black object in the sky approx 3 miles away (1 mile from Birmingham city centre) at first it could be confused with a hawk hovering at close range, but over a heavy populated area, I think not.

I continued to watch the object as my mind was trying to match what i was seeing to an object I could relate to, i couldn't. The object was black, no lights no sound. It seemed to be oval shaped and on ocassions changed to a triangle shape.

Visibilities was very good, clear sky with a few rain clouds to the horizon and a few brillant white clouds which were being illuminated by the sun.

I watched for an estimated 1 min 30 secs before accepting that this could be a ufo.

I have a 9 month old daughter and just she was born we decided to purchase a digital hard drive camcorder. I decided to fetch this knowing more than likely when i return the object will have disapeared. I returned with the camera and noticed the object was still there, only now it was on the move. I powered up my camera and started to film the object. The digital display on the camera is approx 3 inches in size so I couldn't tell if i had the object in view or even in focus, but i continued to film. The object moved over the trees and towards the horizon and finally diapeared behind a cloud.

I stopped filming and took a few minuetes to gather my thoughts on what i had just seen.

My wife soon came down from the bath and i told her what i had witnessed, her usual reaction to this subject is a load of nonsense but she seemed interested. She may thought it may have been genuine if i couldn't identify it, who knows.

Another point to this incident is that we live directly under one of the flight paths for aircraft circuling to await there landing at Birmingham international airport. The sky above us is always busy with air traffic. I didn't see a single aircraft for over 1 and half hours which is very strange for an international airport at weekends.

My ideal reactions would have been to have notified the local police of a potential unidentified object within a flight path and even contact air traffic control as reading as many ufo books as i have i know how important recordable data is, but strange enough i did what most general public do, i thought how strange and just sat down going over in my mind what i had just witnessed. The only plausable thing i did was to email Timothy Good straight away.

Although the obect was quite far away, with a trained eye i could just about identify its shapes. We decided to watch the video to see if you could see the little dot in the sky and to our amazment we captued 2 mis 32 secs of the ordeal, and the footage is very clear. you can even see the automatic focus of the camera intermitantly experiencing difficulties in keeping the object in focus. The focus was set to infinity but with the object being in the distance and trees to the rear of my arden being in the shot it was making it very difficult for the camera to concentrate on both items, although this slight problem the footage is very clear and amazing.

My 2nd and more strange Ufo sighting

In mid August (date not recorded) my girlfriendand I were having a cigarette in the back garden at approx 10.00pm, we both noticed out of the corner of our eye a huge bright white flash of light followed by a white streak across the sky at a tremendous speed.

On Saturday 3rd November 2007 at approx 3.00pm a red helicopter came over my house which was extremely low, I could actually see the pilot. The helicopter had no markings or numbers on it, which seemed a little strange. It was a small 2-seater helicopter; even my 1 year old daughter scrawled over to the window to see it, as it was extremely loud. I understand this may be just coincidence and not actually related to this experience in any way, but even this seemed strange.

A few days prior to this experience I had a strange experience involving a dream that played on my mind for 2 days.

In the dream I was standing outside an acient ruin and smoke started to flood out of the main doors towards me, I took shelter behind a wall and as the smoke came over the wall it was exploding round me the little lights, like chinese fire crackers.

There was some significance to this dream as I could not stop thinking about it. I am still unable to answer what it is, I just know it is related.

On the night of this sighting I experienced a very strange episode with my daughter and a feeling from inside me. I will not go into this at this point as it personally involves my family and something about my daughter.

On many occasions people have mentioned to us how they are drawn into our daughters eyes, and that she has a special quality about her. I have had the word Rainbow Children mentioned to me, but I have not yet researched this.

My girlfriend was visiting her grandmother at hospital who is very ill, although this too is related to the experience, again I will not explain at this moment.

It started with a peculiar feeling inside me which was telling me "Go outside, it's time" I followed this message and went outside through my patio door at the rear of my house.

To my amazement I noticed, to my left (north) a bright red light travelling towards me. I can only describe the object as square with lots of red lights inside it, just like a modern motorcycle rear light unit.

The object was square like a dice, where instead of the dots there were lights.

The object travelled from my left hand side (north) towards me, as it was virtually overhead it slowed down dramatically for a few seconds, I ran in the house to get my camcorder and returned to video the object.

As I began recording it started to move away heading to me right which is south. As it moved away I noticed it was slightly oval shaped, and carried on moving until it disappeared into the horizon. The object, whatever angle I looked at it seemed the same, square with lights.

I returned to the house and made a mental note to video the clock to show the time. It was 10.08pm. Within a few moments I experienced the same feeling to go outside which I did.

To my amazement the object was back in the same position to my left and repeated the exact same procedure of moving towards me and slowing down.

I then returned to the house and made a further recording of the clock, 10.14pm

This experience happened another 2 times between 10.20pm and 10.34pm in exactly the same way, making it a total of 4 exactly identical sigtings. As you can imagine I was a little amazed and calmed myself down before viewing the footage. When I viewed the footage I was completely shocked to see I had actually recorded something. It was very clear on the footage that the object was red, had no strobe lights so cannot be a plane or helicopter.

The first 2 recordings worked perfectly but I noticed when I played back recordings 3 and 4 that after a few seconds the camera had switched itself off from recording. The camera was working fine when I was using it as I can recall the flashing light on the top telling me it is in record mode, but looking at the last 2 footages it somehow decided to stop recording.

I then checked on the Internet to see if there were any more sightings reported, I typed into the search engine UFO QUINTON BIRMINGHAM and was shocked at what I found.

I found a site from a person who had made an animation of a sighting they had witnessed in Birmingham in 1985.

The simulation was the exact, and I mean exact same object I saw. It was the same size; travelled at the same speed it was unbelievable to have seen the same object 22 years later. You can View the simulation at address

I later viewed the footage on my PC as I have a disc with the camera that allows me to put the footage onto DVD, with this I can slow down and zoom in on the sighting. I have a function which allows me take a snap shot of a frame which I have taken several images and pressed the AUTO EQUALISE button, this tries to clear up the image slightly.

I must state that this is a basic software that came with the camera and not of professional standard. If somebody has professional equipment then they probably will be able to get a clearer image from my footage.

On several images the object clearly displays a disc shape with a round dome to the top, and the other images, which shows the object when it was closest to me that it is square with lights in it. Please make your own judgements of the images and video footage, but like me you will deffinately find them eerie.

Still frame from video

Click on the images below for larger versions Still frame from video

Still frame from video

Still frame from video

Still frame from video

Still frame from video

Still frame from video

Still frame from video

Still frame from video