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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 1st 2007 : North Fambridge, Essex, England

North Fambridge In Essex, U.K. A Formation Of Lights (Photo)

Date: July 1, 2007
Time: 12:30 a.m.

Sat 1st July - We were sitting in the conservatory at 12:30 am when we saw a formation of lights moving from South to North over North Fambridge in Essex. We all (4) rushed outside and I took the attached photo with my phone. The formation was initially a 4 followed by 2 then a further distinct 4+. They were moving smoothly and with no noise, appearing as balls of light with no shape. We called the police who said they were a Christian group letting off balloons - but there was no way they could move at this speed and against the wind.

I am not easily misled but this was unlike anything I had seen before. Height uncertain (looked low), constant speed and no sound. The police took our phone and address.

Additional Information:

The friends house I am staying at in Essex (UK) faces due south at the rear. About 10 minutes after the sighting we saw a plane traveling from East to West on the normal trajectory for LHR. The plane was much higher and we could hear jet noise, there was little ambient noise in the night sky which is what made the sighting interesting for if the objects were between 1,000' - 5,000" (estimated based on the fact they seemed to be lower than the subsequent aircraft) we would have heard something. The speed and constant formation of the two groups of objects absolutely discounted any kind of balloon - I would estimate velocity of circa 200mph at the altitude we estimated - the aircraft we saw subsequently was higher and had a notably slower relative speed. The objects were intensely bright and self illuminated.

The lights maintained a common height and did not vary on their south - north path.

We were sitting in the conservatory and saw the lights as soon as they came into the southern sky. We quickly moved outside and observed the first cluster (as photo'd) move over the house. We shouted upstairs and my friends 18 year old son saw them from the upstairs front of the house continue traveling north. As the first cluster passed overhead, a second group appeared at exactly the same point in the southern sky and mirrored the journey characteristics of the first cluster. By this time I was on the phone to the police and was describing the sighting as the second group passed overhead. There were no subsequent sightings.

The lights were too far apart to be part of a large single object. There was no shape apart from just spherical lights. The lights did not illuminate anything. The relative position of the lights to each other did not change, neither did their velocity. I would have dismissed the sighting if there was any sound but there was absolute silence. The weather pattern of the evening was westerly prevailing showers but the sky had cleared and the movement of the objects was at 90 degrees to the weather pattern, which was mild at the time with a clearing sky.

Total time of sighting the objects was about 20-30 seconds making a total sighting time of 1 minute as there were 2 distinct "formations". (diamond shapes with a couple of lights "outside" formation)

The lights were at absolutely constant brightness. As I mentioned, they seemed to stay a constant distance apart with absolutely no variation in speed or direction/height.

That is about all I guess. I am 47, have a scientific upbringing, not prone to exaggeration and 4 adults all saw the same thing.


Photo showing objects in night sky
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Thank you to the witness for the report and photo. Photo is copyright 2007 to owner.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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