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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 14th 2007 : Whitstable, Kent, England

UFOINFO Note: On July 23rd 2007 having seen a video I wrote to David at, part of my message stated:

"The video seems to have been shot from up high assuming the other lights that we see are street lights, and I wondered if there is any possibility that it could be a ship out at sea?"

It looks as if that might be the case - see the two embedded videos below courtesy of and YouTube.

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Whitstable, Kent, England

Date: Saturday, 07/14/07, 01:00

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: South

Description: Witness was looking out over Herne Bay and saw row of lights get brighter and gradually cross field of view along cost line. Craft made no noise to witnesses knowledge. Craft appeared to be of vast size and totally none-aircraft shaped. [see images]. Incident was preceded and followed by multiple sightings of smaller white lights and triangular forms in the coastline sky.

Color/Shape: Dark apart from very bright, changing lights on the side of vehicle. Object had two "guide" lights in white at front. Witness presumes these were part of the vehicle and not additional smaller craft/orbs.

Height: Hard to get perspective but witness suggests 1000ft.

Speed: Based on guessing the height/size witness thinks around 50mph.

Size: Based on initial relationship to street-lighting 75-100 feet high and 500 feet wide.

TV/Radio/Press: None desired.

Close-up photo of craft

Close-up photo of craft

mid-range-shot of craft

Additional images:

'Mother Ship' enlargement
'Mother Ship' enlargement

'Mother Ship' enlargement

'Mother Ship' in distance

Two craft passing each other
The witness caught these two huge ships passing each other

Pyramid craft - this was an additional UFO - just smaller than the main one we've called the mothership.
Distant shot of the 'pyramid craft'

Mid-range shot of the 'pyramid craft'

Mid-range shot of the 'pyramid craft'

Close shot of the 'pyramid craft' / YouTube videos

The name of the 'witness' is James Ellis

UFOINFO thanks David at for the report.