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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 21st 2007 : Farncombe, Surry, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Farncombe, surry, uk

Date: 07/21/07 around 11pm. GTM

Approach Direction: not sure

Departure Direction: perhaps north east, but not 100% sure

Witness Direction: not sure (didnt have a compass at the time)

Description: a fleet of very bright lights flew over, moveing like nothing ive ever seen, no way a plane could move like that, they pulled very sharp turns at very fast speeds or so it apeard. then two completely crossd paths. i couldnt believe my eyes. WE RECORED THE SIGHTING ON A MOBLE PHONE. THEY LOOK VERY FREAKY. please get back to me on this and ill send u the videos. i really would like to know wat it was i saw.

Warning: There is a lot of swearing in the video.

Color/Shape: they bright, almost like flying balls of fire

Height & Speed: really not sure, couldnt say, they crossed the sky much quicker than i would expect a plane to though.

TV/Radio/Press: ive heard nothin so far, but someone else must have seen them.