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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 5th/7th/9th 2007 : Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Bradford, England, United Kingdom

Date: 5/8/07 at 9.00pm and 10.30pm, 7/8/07 at 11.00pm and 09/08/07 at 10.45pm

Approach Direction: From South West

Departure Direction: Towards North East

Witness Direction: Looking towards South West

Description: At 9.00pm on 5/8 as i opened my kitchen door, I saw a very large bright white light in the sky above a nearby warehouse, it grew in size then disappeared. As it was a clear night myself and my daughter went outside at about 10.00pm to watch the sky to see if we saw anything else. At approx 10.30pm what we had thought was a bright star, as it had been stationary for a while, suddenly moved upwards and started travelling in a north easterly direction. It was very bright and appeared to be quite low in the sky. It moved quite fast and then seemed to disappear rather than travel into the distance. On the following nights 7/8 and 9/8 as we had decided to watch the sky again, we saw the same light. As we live near an airport and see planes quite regularly, I am certain that this was not a plane, there was no noise whatsoever. There was no flashing, just a brilliant bright white light. On all 3 occasions it came from the exact same direction and travelled in the same direction.

Color/Shape: Bright, brilliant White light. No noise whatsoever.

Height & Speed: At a guess several hundred feet high, Regarding the speed, I would guess about 100mph