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UFO Sighting Report - United kingdom

August 10th 2007 : Tooting, London, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Tooting, South West London, UK

Date: Friday, 10th Aug at 5.45pm GMT 08/10/07

Approach Direction: zig zagging from left to right

Departure Direction: Towards the Mitcham direction

Witness Direction: Towards Crystal Palace

Description: I was walking down Robinson Rd SW19 at 5.45pm on Friday 10th Aug 07 in the direction of Mitcham. It was a bright sunny day with some light cloud in the sky. I saw what I first thought was an aeoplane flying ahead of me towards the right. Next it changed direction and flew left. It was then I noticed it was not a plane as it had no wings but was a white or light grey oval shaped object. It flew from left to right and back again 5 or 6 times but sometimes disappearing in the clouds.

I was with my boyfriend but by the time I realised it wasn't a plane and asked him to look it was too late and he didn't get to see it. The sky was very bright with very little cloud so I can understand why he didn't see it as it was difficult for me to point it out with no markers to use. It disappeared out of my sight over a roof in the direction of Mitcham.

This is the second time I've seen a UFO, I saw something totaly different one dark evening on 15th Feb 06 and since then am quite observant when out but I never thought I'd see something in broad daylight. The next strange thing is that approximately 5 minutes later a large dark hellicopter went by in the same area where I saw the UFO which made me think that maybe the military were aware that there was a UFO about and were out looking for it.

Color/Shape: White or light grey oval shaped object. Quite bright

Height & Speed: The height is difficult to judge but quite high and it was faster than a plane

TV/Radio/Press: No