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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

April 12th 2007 : Brighton & Hove, Sussex, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Brighton/Hove, sussex, uk

Date: august 12 2007 11pm-12am gmt

Approach Direction: coming from south heading north

Departure Direction: turned to east

Witness Direction: south

Description: I was all set up to try and take pictures of the much hyped meteor shower, I noticed a bright orange light coming slowly towards my position (leaning out of a 4th floor window), at first I assumed it was a chopper as we see these regularly flying low over the city, but there was something about it's ultra-smooth movement that struck me as a little odd. It then turned east, left as i was looking and slowly continued off into the night, THEN... when i looked back to the south there were more orange lights, 3 of them the lead light was higher than the following pair, again moving slowly north before heading off to the east, very spooky synchronised flight paths, almost as if they were one craft. I was a bit freaked at this point and insisted my wife got out of bed top see them. As the group of three were leaving, another solo orange light was arriving, this was then followed by 3 more (in the same formation as before) another solo craft, then finally 4 more, 3 in the "1 up 2 down" formation, and another that seemed to vary it's course, this 4th blob faded from view as they reached the horizon, whereupon the lead blob stopped and the remaining 2 moved underneath it to form a triangle, they held this position for a few minutes then faded away. By this time my hands were shaking and I felt absolutely shocked. 13 in total, in groups of 1 and 3, numerology anyone? I was quite shaken by the experience and my wife was terrified by the way they just kept coming. There was no sound, they seemed pretty low in the sky and were simply bright orange blobs moving in perfect unison. I never thought I would be posting anything like this as I WAS a sceptic.

I took many pictures, and to illustrate the flight paths took some 15 and 30 sec exposures. I attach pictures of the 2 groups of three and the final group of four. There is something very odd and possibly momentous going on. Please check my pix.

Color/Shape: bright orange globes

Height & Speed: hard to say but pretty low

TV/Radio/Press: I sent my pics to local paper but recieved no response

Have enclosed pictures to go with my post (brighton 12 august, 11pm 12am).

Long exposures to show the movement of the objects and one close up.

hope you can use them
great website, keep it up

1st group of 3

2nd group of 3

group of 4

Solo close-up

UFOINFO Note: As with other similar reports I asked the witness to have a look at the UFO Balloons website to see if this is what might have been seen and received the following reply:

Hello John,

I checked before i posted, these were definately not balloons, as I stated they moved in formation, both groups of three in the same formation, the third group same formation plus one straggler. they moved with purpose and as one, if you check the pix i sent of the three groups taken on a long exposure, you can see how the movement was pretty much synchronised, this added to the fact they all came in from the south and turned east at the same point. I would also say they would have to be BIG baloons to give off that much light. I am/was a sceptic on this subject untill the other night, my wife even more so, we tried to rationalise what we were seeing at the time and after, but so far nothing explains what we saw.

Many thanks.