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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 12th 2007 : Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Huddersfield, West yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Date: Monday 12th August 2007.
  Approx 11.30pm local time

Approach Direction: sw

Departure Direction: n

Witness Direction: sw

Description: Like many other people I was observing the meteor shower and although I saw lots of different meteors, some slow moving then gently fading, others shooting by and vanishing, something came into my vision that I thought was very different. It was a formation of about five or six orange coloured shapes in the formation of a 'V', definately not a plane, not a flock of Swans or Geese, made no sound and left no trail.

It was quite high in the sky and my parnter thought it was a flock of birds untill we both saw that a similar sighting was reported in Wakefield at approx' an hour later!!.

I was also observing a bright white glowing ball that came into my view about 30 mins earlier whilst I was looking through my binoculars, but I lost it or it went 'out of view' and I couldnt find it again. This I observed for about 20 seconds.

I do not consider myself a crackpot and although the subject of UFO's is interesting, hoaxing a sighting will not help anyone to understand this phenomenon let alone make it credible and believe me, if it wasnt for that other sighting not far from me, I doubt if I would of reported it.

Color/Shape: orange, 'V' shape, but not a perfect 'V' shape.

Height & Speed: 1000-2000 feet approx....possibly 50-100 mph.

TV/Radio/Press: not seen any reports.

Additional comment from witness:

Dear Webmaster,

It was great to see that you had posted my sighting, it's always good to know that someone out there thought it credible enough to post it on your site.

I was looking at your site again tonight and came across a sighting that was reported from Brighton, Hove, Sussex, UK, on April 12th 2007 and was completely amazed by the photographs that accompanied the sighting because the size, shape etc was exactly the has completely spooked me, but I will never forget what I saw and it's even better when someone actually took a photograph because it helps you to feel even better in that it was not only credible but proved!!!. I'm just wondering if the couple that took that photograph are feeling just as spooked as I am right now!!! thanks to you and to them, I am now completely convinced that we are being visited by something/someone not of this world!!

'I still cant get over that picture'