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UFO Sighting Report - Unted Kingdom

September 9th 2007 : London, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: London, England

Date: 09/09/07 23:48 GMT

Approach Direction: Eastern sky

Departure Direction: Northern sky departure

Witness Direction: facing north

Description: I stood on the balcony of my flat. I've never seen anything like this before. The object was moving like a sattelite which I thought it was, then the speed increased moderately and object was moving in a circular pattern. Next was a S Pattern, object was fading in and out. The light seperated to two lights moving side by side. Then three lights. It appeared to be just one object with several lights possibly. It was NOT a airplane that I could recognize. altitute was too high. more like altitude of a satellite however it dropped altitude slightly but i still could not make out object. it lasted for 10-15 minutes.

Color/Shape: The color was a white light moving in the sky, like a satellite. It then turned red and lights seperated. One was Blue the other was red. but kept changing colour. before the objects departure the light began somewhat flashing like the lights on a commercial craft and it went in the northern ddirection. Possibly raising altitude and vanishing.

Height & Speed: im not sure. It was the height of a satellite

TV/Radio/Press: NO. Not yet...