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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

September 15th 2007 : Shipley, West Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: shipley, west yorkshire, england

Date: 09/15/07

Approach Direction: unsure, towards me

Departure Direction: unsure, but then away

Witness Direction: unsure

Description: at first i saw one very bright round orange light heading towards me quite quickly. at first i thought it was a plane but as it got closer i realise the lights were not flashing and kept watching then within a minute another apeared heading in the same direction and the first one stopped and changed direction, moving upwards. then as the second got near they both stopped. i then called my wife as i could not belive what i was seeing..and she also watched them at which point they both started moving around. As we watched they both then change directtion at a sharp right angle. after which the first one then moved straight up into the air and dissapeared...and about 1 minute later the second then also move very quickly and faded off

Color/Shape: bright orange,withe round globe like shape

Height & Speed: 200 mph + unsure of direction

TV/Radio/Press: not known at this time as it only happened 35 minutes ago