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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

October 8th 2007 : Worthing, Sussex, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Worthing, Sussex UK

Date: 8th October 2007

Time: 7.25 pm

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: tear-drop shaped brilliant green light turning orange

Weather Conditions: fine, dry, clear dark sky

Description: I wasn't going to bother reporting this (hence the delay) because I thought it was probably a flare or a firework, but reading other reports...

I'd been travelling by bus from Brighton to Worthing. At about 7.15 I saw lights hoverring over the sea at Lancing. It was too dark to see detail. It could have been a helicopter. Maybe a boat was in trouble. The lights looked more like a plane shape than a helicopter, but seemed stationary.

I got off the bus at Worthing and walked up past the hospital. Suddenly, there was a really bright (halogen bright) electric green light arcing down. It was shaped like a tear or a comet (?) It turned from green to orange then disappeared as the hospital building obscured it from sight.

The size was quite big - but there was no bang, like a firework and it came from above rather than up from below.

It wasn't a comet though, I don't think. A couple of weeks before I did see a small, bright lime green 'shooting star' or comet.(towards the North)

I've just read one of your reports in Filers Files that states that there are no such green comets. (High copper content?) The green 'comet' I saw appeared to arc upwards through, narrowly missing a jet plane. However, as the sky is curved, I think perhaps it just looked like it was going up.

At the risk of provoking ridicule, I have had many encounters with 'entities'. (An intensely black coloured shadow 'man' appeared in my living room, Oct 2005. There was a strong static charge in the air for 30 mins afterwards. It made my fillings buzz.) Lately, I have had a lot of creepy night visitors, but find they don't like my bright torch shone at them.

I wonder if we could do with forming a UK 'support' group? Perhaps we need to have a plan? The "security" forces sure seem slow to investigate whether (and how) we might need defending from these increasing numbers of unidentified 'visitors'.

TV/Radio No, sorry. Fear of ridicule/ accusations of mental illness are still a problem.