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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

December 14th 2007 : Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: newcastle under lyme

Date: 14th December 2007

Time: 2am

Number of witnesses: 1 dog! and me

Number of objects: one but made up of 2 parts

Shape of objects: 1 large sphere with white lights with a smaller sphere with red lights attached

Weather Conditions: clear, very cold

Description: My dog was barking for a while and her bark changed almost to a low howl and she sounded distressed so I investigated.

I'm used to helicopters flying over to the hospital and planes but the noise was very loud and static. From my kitchen window in the dark I saw a huge sphere that was covered in bright white lights, a bit like stadium floodlights but all over, like a sea urchin with lights on all its spikes. A smaller sphere with similar biut red lights was just to the left and behind as if attached and these were flashing like a lightouse speedwise.

I put my kitchen light on and despite it being dark outside this object still lit up the sky and started moving toward my house. Although distant it was huge, clearly visible and scary.

I ran to the bedroom upstairs and grabbed my phone and took some pictures in the dark and when the camera flashed several times it started moving away, as if moving from the A500 Wolstanton area toward the M6 Hanford direction.

The experience lasted for about 20 minutes or more, from when the dog started barking.

TV/Radio I rang Signal radio to see if anyone else had reported anything and they said no - I declined to be interviewed! They did sya that some comet activity had been reportedly expected to take place though - this was cleasrly an aircraft of some sort but like nothing I could imagine so I wondered if it may have been some observation craft but it was strange and scary once I heard that but it was far from normal.