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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

December 22nd 2007 : A49, near Shotatton, Shropshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: A49 Shrewsbury to Oswestry

Date: 22nd December 2007

Time: Around 11-30pm

Number of witnesses: Myself and wife

Number of objects: One immense

Shape of objects: The size of the colosseum rotating wheel

Weather Conditions: Slight frost few clouds

Description: As follows; Driving from Oswestry in the direction of Shrewsbury just after the turn for Ruyton-X1-Towns, the time was around 11-30pm. I first noticed from the corner of my eye something oscillating that's how I would first described this amazing phenomenon.

I said to my wife [wow did you see that] which she replied "What", then I said, "To your right side did you see that", and then she said "Yes", in an astonished voice "what is that". As I was still driving I kept on saying "Is it still there can you still see it" and "Yes" was the reply in a shouting voice.

Every time I speed-ed up this vast object, what ever it was just did the same for at least four miles, then I stopped the car to get a better view. I got out and to my amazement, as if to show me what it could do. At this moment my wife was screaming "Get back in the car please get back in the car", I was just staring in wonder at this strange happening in front of me, I was scared but transfixed it was mind blowing to see something the size of the Colosseum in the sky just spinning slowly from side to side with out any noise what ever.

It was very hard to describe like I said, on the same lines as the Colosseum a massive rotating wheel, I don't think a camera would have been any good, it was at night, it was so vast I just can't get these thoughts out of my head. Bear in mind this is only the next day. So please please can you, or anyone with better knowledge of investigation, find out if anyone else see this amazing sighting of which I am certain was not of this planet.

Kind regards [deleted] and [deleted].

TV/Radio It had only happened last night, I have checked but have drawn a blank so far. so it's a NO to that one.