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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

December 31st 2007 : Bristol, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Bristol, England, UK

Date: 31 December 2007

Time: 10pm & 12.05am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 15-18 and three

Shape of objects: orange, circular

Weather Conditions: clear, then semi cloudy, then clear again

Description: 10pm on New Year's Eve, were driving back into Bristol across an area called The Downs, and saw to our right, hovering over the city, a spread of around 15-18 orange lights just hanging there in the sky. They were not flashing or changing colour, but fading in and out whenever a whisp of cloud came across. Immediately we knew these were not right. We've all seen helicopters and planes and light shows and fireworks, but these were not any of these. Then at midnight, we looked out of our south facing front room window to see the festvities going on in the street opposite, and there right in front of us in full view was one of these orange lights. It took a 40 degree trajectory for a minute or so towards the north east where it then turned to red and disappeared. As it disappeared, a further two orange 'globes' came into view at the same start point and exactly the same patch as the first one, and did exactly the same - turned to red and then vanished at exactly the same point in the sky. We have a digital photo.

TV/Radio n/a


Hi John,

I would like to think it was UFO balloons or lanterns - especially if they have the ability to remain alight and aloft for a couple of hours.

However it was the consistency between the three that we saw that might make me doubt this. It would mean that each balloon would have to not only follow the exact course (via wind, I assume, of which there was very little on 31/12/07) but that they would also need to have some way of disappearing at exactly the same point each time (after turning red of course!). I would have thought that perhaps balloons might have had a little more difference bewteen their flight paths and the exact time they run out of fuel/disappear etc.

The uncanny thing is the very similar sighting 20 minustes afterwards. If these orange lights stayed on the same course they were on from Bristol, they might very well have gone straight over Aldershot.

If it was a well-timed student prank for New Years Eve, then I fell for it hook line and sinker!

I've attached a digital photo camera of what we saw.

Best wishes

Photo showing two of the red/orange lights
Click image for full size original