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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

January 15th 2008 : Near Sherborne, Dorset, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: 6-7 miles south of Sherborne, Dorset, UK

Date: 15/01/08

Time: 11 pm

Number of witnesses: one

Number of objects: one

Shape of objects: large,round, bright green light

Weather Conditions: good, clear night sky

Description: Travelling south from Sherborne, Dorset on the A352. No other traffic. Weather good after a day of rain. Sky was clear with stars visible, and a half-moon shining not too high in the sky in the southwest.

About 6½ miles from Sherborne, as the A352 approaches Middlemarsh it swings southeast. Coming into this stretch of road I was aware of the moon on my right. I then became aware of the road and hedges on either side being lit by flickering light, a bit like the effect of lightning flashing. This happened two or three times and the source seemed to come from my left, the northeast.

As the sky was cloudless I dismissed the idea of lightning. I slowed down and looked up into the sky to my left. There was a large brilliant green light up in the sky, and this was the source of the flashing light. At a guess it was somewhere between 300 and 500 feet above the ground. As soon as I focussed on it, it gave one more very bright flash then completely disappeared. After that, the only thing I could see was the stars. There were no signs of any aircraft navigation lights or anything similar. There was no noise.

When I said the light was large, here is the best guide I can give. If a medium size helicopter was less than 300 feet above me, the circumference of the light would completely cover it.

TV/Radio not reported