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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

February 5th 2008 : Putney, London, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Putney, London, UK

Date: 05/02/2008

Time: 7.56 pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: rounded balls of light

Weather Conditions: Cloudy sky, dry and mild for winter

Description: I was in my lounge watching TV, and a flash shot past the window. It was long, silver and incredibly bright. It looked like lighting but it travelled horizontally and flashed a brilliant white light similar to lighting. About a minute later there was a great bang (like thunder). I thought it was just lighting and didn't think anymore of it. But then I noticed that there wasn't anymore lighting or thunder after the first strike.

The sky looked like it had a faintly greenish luminescence, and it looked a bit wierd. I stood up opened the window and looked out, and could suddenly see the green that I thought was static was moving around inside the clouds. As I stared I could see the light was balls of green luminescent light moving around very fast across the sky. I watched at least 3 balls of light flash back and forth in a completely random way. The more I watched them the more they seemed to glow a deeper luminscent green and moved faster around.

What was really strange was that I could only see them in the clouds, when they moved to sky free of clouds they completely vanished.

I asked my husband to confirm the sighting, and he couldn't believe it. At first he thought it was lasers from the ground, but I've seen lasers from the ground before and they are still visible against the night sky - these luminscent green balls were not.

I couldn't explain them and neither could my husband. I watched them for about 3 hours until 11 pm, when I went to bed. They moved around completely randomly, almost like bumping into each other then moving away very fast.

On the following night, I didn't see anything, but I scanned the skies very hard and around 11 pm, I could see two pale green lumninescent ball right above my apartment. They were swirling around moving slowly than fast.

I haven't seen them since, and all the references to ball lightning, which is the explanation I thought of don't really match what I saw.

TV/Radio: Reported on This is London website