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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

February 10th 2008 : Surrey/Hampshire/West Sussex border, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Surrey/Hampshire/West Sussex border

Date: 10.02.08 (Sunday)

Time: 18.12 to 18:25

Number of witnesses: Three

Number of objects: four (consecutively)

Shape of objects: Orb

Weather Conditions: Very clear with some very fine high cloud

Description: I had just arrived home from day out when I spotted a very bright orange orb moving very slowly in a northerly direction from tree level to just below the level of the moon. It then stopped (I would estimate a few miles away) and then moved slowly upward in a Westerly direction until the orange light got smaller and smaller until it diminished.

As it disappeared another very bright orange orb came silently up through the tree line 50 feet away (tree line approx 60 feet high), heading East, to the point we though it would pass over head, but changed direction to the same northerly course the 1st orb took and paused at the same point, then diminished in an identical way towards the west.

This was repeated again and we were joined by my neighbour who watched the 3rd orange orb too. He was sceptical about the light until a 4th orb came through the tree line and followed the same routine as the other three orbs in the same noiseless manner.

We could see the moon very clearly in contrast to the orange lights. During the 10/15 minutes we were watching the lights there were around 6/7 aircraft (lights flashing) flying very high up which could be seen extremely clearly in the sky, so there was no confusing these light with ordinary aircraft.

I recorded a two minute video clip on my phone, but the quality is very bad and only seems to show a pin-prick of the moon. I ran to my car and grabbed a camera and took two pictures which show the moon and a bright orange light below it. Unfortunately these aren’t very good pictures either!



I reported the orange orb sightings to on 10th February 2008. Having watched video clips of UFO lanterns and speaking to my neighbour I am now certain that what we saw that night was a hoax.

I'm posting this update in case anyone else sees something similar in the same area in the future. I have to say that those lanterns are very convicing!