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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

January/February? : Larkhall area, Lanarkshire, Scotland

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: larkhall area (sighted from wishaw, lanarkshire, scotland, uk)

Date: April/May 2008?

Time: early afternoon

Number of witnesses: one

Number of objects: one

Shape of objects: too far away to distinguish

Weather Conditions: overcast/ cloudy

Description: hi, i sent you a report earlier today, but it just occurred to me that this is the 2nd time ive seen something odd in almost that exact same location. the earlier one today was over larkhall, and not to the south of it as i stated earlier (i checked google maps) as i see it from my window, as was the first one. i say over larkhall, but it may have been further away as it was in the sky over the horizon as i see it from here, though not that high up, again, as i see it.

the first time was a few months ago, during the night, possibly about 2am, when i saw what appeared to look like flashing lights from an emergency vehicle, and this is what i took it to be at the time, until it stopped and moved back in the direction it came from, and continued to do this in a left to right to left motion, covering i'd say about a 1/2 mile to a mile at a time before turning back on itself.

once i realised it was not an emergancy vehicle, as their are no roads in that location that would allow a vehicle to keep the same straight line from my viewpoint, i thought maybe it was a police helicopter, though ive never seen a police helicopter with flashing lights before in these parts, and when you do see one(usually chasing stolen cars), and they are following someone, you can always make out the search light. just thought it worth mentioning. sorry if this is a waste of your time.



I submitted the above report earlier this month, and stated that the sighting was a few months ago. i noticed you have labled it around spring time but this is not accurate. it was definately in the winter months, most likely around january/ february. the reason i am sure of this is that it is only at this time of year i can see across the valley to where the sighting took place, the rest of the year my view is obstructed by trees. it (the sighting) was not that high off the ground, which is why it was rather odd, and why i mistook it for an emergency vehicle when i first spotted it. it must have only been about 100 foot off the ground (give or take a few).