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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

April 2008 : Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

My UFO Sighting In Bradford, U.K. 2008

Date: April of 2008

It was April of 2008, just coming into the twilight zone. It had been hot and the sun shone bright all of that day. I was with my boyfriend who doesn't 'believe' in such things as Aliens and UFO's. He often twirls his finger around his temple, smiles and calls me Cuckoo for my esoterical ramblings. We knew each other when we were younger, but went on to lead different lives. We met up 32yrs later and both being single again decided to get together. We had been dating for about 6 months and we were in love. We were at a beauty spot, said by the locals to be a spiritual place. Cow and Calf Rocks at Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire England UK. We went most weekends for a cup of tea and a hotdog. Everyone had gone home and we just sat in the car staring at the scenery and I watched the clouds and rambled about how beautiful water is and how we take a hot bath for granted when it is a luxury to some and we were in a pleasant mood. The rock is on top of a big hill and you can see for miles down into the valley before us and for miles left and right of us. And the famous rocks behind us. We saw two big lights approach us from our left.

Two big light Orbs followed the lay of the valley and passed right by us. I have never seen anything like it in my 50yrs on Earth and nor had he. The two lights were 'floating' next to each other. They were round, white and bright. They were approx 20ft across and only 50ft high in the sky. As you can imagine, they were very large orbs. They passed from our left to right at a rate of only 10-15mph and took 3-4 minutes to pass us. We had lots of time to look at them. At first I thought it was one 'machine' and was puzzled as to why we could not see the shape of the machine behind the lights. As they got nearer to us we were astonished because there was no sound. They were silently floating by. When they had passed us and moving away to our right, the lights were as bright as the approach and that too was odd if they had been the lights on a machine. The silence was as wondrous as the say. We agreed that no men could make such large crafts that were silent and knew that we had experienced a UFO sighting.

I have always, like you, believed that we were not alone but had never really thought that I would experience such phenomena, even though had constantly asked the great Universe to show me things. I just hoped and never gave up on the truth. We told our friends and families of our sightings with enthusiasm and pride, As boyfriend watched peoples reactions to our revelation, some with ridicule, he began to resent my mentioning it in his presence. Two weeks later he actually asked me NOT to mention it again in his presence. I obliged for his pride but I know and he knows that what we saw was not of this world. Another friend, a non believer asks why more people don't say anything if there is 'supposed to be loads of them out there. I give boyfriend as an example of the people that are in fear of the truth. NOT the truth of other life but the truth of ridicule and derision from the ignorant. I consider myself to be intelligent and use my own discernment for truth and I am not considered gullible. My boyfriend and I are no longer together because of other reasons.

I know that I had paranormal experiences as a young child in 1963/4 and my research into this has lead me to this HBCCUFO.ORG website. I am very grateful to the composer and maintainers of this site. I do not know anyone from this site and have just discovered it today. Do not be afraid to say your truths and together we can know our universal friends.

I am (full name removed), a 50yrs old female and will always commit to my testimony and I am very happy to answer any questions at:

Thank you for this opportunity to disclose my testimony and for the time of all readers. Sincerely yours.

Thank you to the lady for taking the time to share her experience with us all.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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