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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

April 17th 2008 : Barnstaple, Devon England

Barnstaple - North Devon England

Date: April 17, 2008
Time: Approx 9.30 p.m.

Just out of interest. I thought I'd let you know that something's being on in our skies here tonight. Approx 9.30pm tonight, I was sat watching TV when I had the weirdest feeling and our dog started to pace the room (I was in our kitchen/dinning room - out back of our house) I felt really weird, this feeling precipitated the next sensation/sound, which was almighty roaring of aircraft flying above our houses.

Our dog didn't bark, but started pacing around the room looking bothered and he whimpered a few times. At first, I thought it was probably nothing very much to get alarmed about and thought that it was probably something to do with RAF Chivenor marine base. I called to my husband to ask him what he thought it was. He commented that it was nothing very much, just practice for the military probably.

Then it started-up again, even louder this time. It sounded as though it was right above our roof ! I got outside the back door as fast as I could, my husband followed me saying that it's probably RAF Chivenor doing some kind of training. (Over top of peoples houses ?)

I/we could clearly hear the roaring of jet aircrafts, however, we couldn't (see) anything - not a thing ! We could see lots of "stars" as the sky was so clear and the moon was very bright, but we couldn't see any aircraft at all even though we could clearly hear them. It was more than one aircraft, it just had to be, by the sounds we heard, either that, or one hell of a big aircraft of some kind ! It went on for several minutes and then the whole sky seemed to come alive with the roaring. I didn't see any next-door neighbors looking out their windows. I even went up stairs to look out the windows to see if anyone else was looking out with curiosity like I was, I couldn't see anyone at all. They probably all had the same opinion as my husband and so didn't even bother to look see.

Maybe my husband's right, maybe it was some kind of military exercise ? It's just that I had such a weird feeling and our dog behaving like that was odd too, he's always ok when a helicopter fly's over nearby as it never bothers him. It was no way a helicopters, not making sounds like that !

There's something else I will tell you. In the very early hours of Wednesday morning, my husband decided to drive up to our local 24 hours grocery store, it's just up the road here from us, as he had realized that we had run out of milk, he wanted to go buy some. My husband told me that something strange had happened on his way back from the store (it was still dark - only 3:30am. He told me that as he was approaching the round-about, the bonnet of the car had lit-up a violet/electric white blue color, this light, he told me, was all across the road directly in front of the car. He said that at first, he thought that it must be a police car driving up and reflecting lights ahead or an ambulance or some such emergency type vehicle.

However, he said he could hear no sounds of emergency sirens or anything, the road was completely empty, he had even got ready to pull-over incase an ambulance wanted to rush past him, as he was coming up to the traffic lights. That's when he thought that it was very odd, as he checked in his mirrors, he could see absolutely no emergency vehicles , no other traffic on the roads at all, he then thought that he must be hallucinating or something, but quickly realized that it was in fact, very real, he said he then saw one vehicle on the road ahead in the distance from him it was a white Mercedes van ,which he said he saw turning-off to his right. My husband said that after noticing the van driving down towards the town centre, that this violet/electric white blue light, that was lighting up the road directly in front of him had totally gone now.

I just thought that this might be of interest to you some way , and I have to say that I'm now wondering whether these 2 events may be linked in some way.

Thank you to the witness for the excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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