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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

April 25th 2008 : Dorchester, Dorset, England

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Location: Dorchester, Dorset, England

Date: April 25th 2008

Time: 8:30pm

On Friday 25th April at about 8-30pm my girlfriend and I were having a meal at the Imperial Garden Restaurant in Dorchester.

It was my 25th birthday and we had hired a cottage for the weekend for a break.

During the meal my mobile phone went off and I went outside to speak.

I was halfway through a conversation with my father when a strange orange orb flew in front of me in a Northerly direction.

I would estimate the height as between 3/5000 ft. There was no noise that was discernible.

I told my father at the time of exactly what I had witnessed.

Looking at your picture of the incident in Fenton, the thing I saw appears to be the same thing.