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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

May 4th 2008 : Barnstaple, North Devon, England

Barnstaple, North Devon England Flash Of Green Light And Mystery White Light

Date: May 4, 2008
Time: Between 10:00 pm - 10:30 p.m.

Hi again Brian, Re: Your report. Orlando, Florida A bright green flash - 7th May 2008

I wouldn't have thought to send in this report to you, to tell you the truth, but thought I would after reading this person's report, as it may be significant and linked to what I saw on the night of Sunday 4th May 2008 between - 10.30pm (sorry I can't be more exact about the time frame).

My husband was driving me up to our local hospital A & E department, as I was having so much intense pain in my lower-left jaw, plus, I didn't feel too good to say the least! (it turned out to be an abscess. However, that's not relevant to what I'm about to tell you) Anyway, as we were driving up towards the hospital, over Pilton Bridge up towards the Raleigh Park area we had both noticed that the sky was extremely intensely bright white light in one very localized quite low area of the sky to our left.

My husband commented to me, what's that ? ( I'm actually cradling my head in my hands at this point, because of the intense pain in my jaw! Anyways, I turn my head towards the left and there was this huge area of intense white light. I now comment back to him, that 'I don't know what it could be', unless it's some very bright flood-lights actually reflecting off the sky or something ? My husband then decides to turn left (instead of right) at the traffic lights! (which would have taken us into the hospital grounds, saying, 'if it's ok with you, let's just drive down towards the light and see where it's coming from'? I say 'OK then' we went past the community college, looked in there to see if there was something going on in the grounds (need-less to say there wasn't - not at that time of night anyway) there was absolutely no lights on in the grounds of the school sports fields etc, as such, only the usual security type lighting around the building and grounds. There was nothing that we could see that could have possibly caused that volume and intensity of white light. My husband then drove us along the dual carriage way (nothing seen there) however, there was very (small) patches of mist but nothing like we had seen to account for it. We decided that we didn't know what it was, we were extremely puzzled. We then headed (thankfully) back towards the hospital.

Re: very bright "green" flash of lights: It was while we were heading back towards the hospital the second time at this point (my husband had driven basically in a circle) that I saw a very bright "green" flash of light. It was a circular flash that only lasted for about 1 or 2 seconds at the most, then it quickly vanished (just as the person in the report said) we were driving up along Abbey road (to my left) as we were heading up through that road still looking for possible causes of the mystery white light. My husband did not witness this green intense flash of light, it was such a quick flash. I had said to him, that I had just seen an intense green flash of light, he said to me, that it was probably my eyes playing tricks on me, saying that it was because I could be tired. I should point out, that the green flash was also in the approximate area of sky that we could see the mystery white light.

I wouldn't have bothered reporting this to you Brian had I not just read the Orlando, Florida report. The person says that they thought their eyes was playing tricks on them, which is what my husband had said to me. I know what I saw ! Hope I've made sense and that this information is helpful.

Thank you Brian, all good wishes.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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