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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

May 11th 2008 : Yeovil, Somerset, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Yeovil, Somerset, UK

Date: 11th May 2008

Time: 2:35am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 4

Shape of objects: Obtuse Triangles

Weather Conditions: partial cloud, shortly after a lightning storm

Description: We were watching the end of a lighting storm, and as the clouds passed over, we noticed what we thought was a star, we only noticed this because we realised that it was moving towards us very quickly. We focused on it for a short time, and saw that it was changing colour and so was its brightness. It alternated between white and orange and blue. We then became aware of three more "stars" swept behind it, rather like the shape of a delta. It was then that we kept getting glimpses of the outer edge of whatever this was, we saw what appeared to be the outer edge of a large triangle very high in the sky, and it was only at brief moments that we could see this. We then began to notice that it was moving closer to the other three "stars". The same thing happened for the other three, brief glimpses of the outer edges. It then seemed that they were interracting with each other, moving closer too and from each other quite quckly. The 4 lined back up in delta form, and stayed completely still. I was curious so I ran upstairs to fetch my slr camera which has a large telephoto lens and would have enabled me to completely focus on this bizarre feature in the sky.

When I returned I managed to find exactly where this bizarre annomaly in the sky was, however, my camera was completely unable to focus on it, and whenever it almost made focus, it would become unfocused.

I found this very alarming. Eventually our unusual sighting became completely motionless. After 35 minutes of avid watching we decided, whatever it was had finished wanting to attract our attention, so we went indoors once more.

When we were there we discussed what it could have been. We thought that it couldnt be an aircraft as no aircraft could stay still for such a long time, in complete silence. What we saw had severely disturbed me, and I was shaking for the rest of the evening in shock, as was my friend."