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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

June 22nd 2008 : Hassocks, West Sussex, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hassocks, West Sussex, UK

Date: 22.06.08

Time: 10:20PM

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Bright Orange Orb

Weather Conditions: Clear skies.

Description: A sighting has just been seen in Hassocks, West Sussex. Not by myself personally but my partners parents. They just rushed in to say they were out in the street with their neighbors when suddenly a bright orange orb moved slowly, steadily and silently across the sky. It lasted for about a minute until it eventually went out of view.

UFOINFO Note: As with other similar reports I asked the witness to have a look at the UFO Balloons website to see if this is what might have been seen and received the following reply:


Thanks for replying. After they came in and told me I researched on the internet and checked the UFO balloon site, along with videos on youtube of similar sightings. This morning I asked again if it could've been lanterns but he was certain it wasn't and said that he's never experienced anything like it and even after many possibilities thought up by other people he doesn't agree.

I will forward your email address on so he can send you a more accurate description.


Here is a full description from D****:

"J**** and I, and our neighbours M**** and K**** had a close encounter last evening at around 10.15pm. We were outside chatting [they had been to a wedding and were telling us of their terrible journey] when K**** stopped mid-flow and said "What the hell's that?" We all spun around and watched as a bright orange ball passed from West to East. We were all facing South. The object was low[ish] [difficult to tell of course] and came closer and closer at the speed of a very fast plane. As it passed in front of us it was the size of a 3/4 moon, elevation 45deg., almost round shaped but with what looked like wavy flames "dropping down" its side a 1/4 way in, on the leading edge, extending to half way across the disc. I say flames but they were not actually flames its just that I cannot describe them correctly. It maintained what seemed to be a dead straight course, with constant speed; and we were able to see it for some time after it became a light in the extreme distance. The whole thing lasted some 3 to 4 minutes."