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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

July 26th/27th 2008 : Basildon, Essex, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Basildon, Essex, England

Date: July 26th/27th 2008

Time: 22:30 & 23:50 (26th), 00:25 & 22:52 (27th)

Number of witnesses: 2

UFO objects in Basildon Essex

I would first like to mention that at this time, I was not on any alcohol or other substance (apart from weak coffee) to interfere with mind or sight!!

On Saturday 26th July @ 22:30, my friend and I both witnessed several large yellowy lights moving from NWW some higher than others. They then went up into a gap in a thin layer of clouds one by one, the last one hovering before following suit. The clouds dispersed a very short while after. I have looked up different sightings, and yes they could be UFO/chinese lanterns, but I thought they went out and come down. 23:50 there was a solid object travelling West to East, NO lights, NO sound. The only way we were able to recognise it was it was low enough to catch the noise pollution as it was bouncing off its underbelly. It was like a tubular shape in the middle and paddles on the side. No no no, not like plane wings, but flat down most of the length of the middle. It was hard to describe. Unfortunately, my camera didn't pick it up!! The area has so many planes going overhead, but never low and you can hear the plane engines and see their lights while they are specks in the sky.

If that wasn't enough, How about this???

At 00:25 three large orbs came across the garden in a triangular fashion, low enough to be very noticeable, no tails or drag or melting ice etc. Just three clear orbs, from NWW to EES fast enough to watch and very controlled. It was not a solid object as you could see the stars around them.

The next night I wanted to see more.

At 10:52 a very bright ball of light (no tail) travelled from west to east, higher than the other three, but was lower than a plane it seemed to be following.

There was NO WAY that any of these objects were of meteor origin. I know we had quite a bit of meteor activity this weekend, but perhaps the craft was flying lower because of this. I have been watching the meteors in the skys since I was a toddler (30 years), and have seen many different sightings of meteorites break through our atmosphere. I have taken pictures of the first sighting, though they are a bit rough, but you can see the formation and can get a sort of close up of one of them. I have also taken a picture of the fourth sighting, though once again, I was not using the right type of camera. unfortunately, the camera just would not focus on the other sightings.

I hope this helps your hobby.

'M' from Basildon, Essex