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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 12th 2008 : Near York, Yorkshire, England

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Near York, Yorkshire, England

Date: August 12th 2008

Time: 21:00

Number of witnesses: 1


The attached file is a short video that was taken at about 2100Hrs on the 12th August this year near York.

I was using my computer and noticed that there was a thunderstorm way across to the east of where I live, in an attempt to maybe get some footage of lightning I turned my webcam round and pointed it out of the window. The storm proved to be to far away and any lightning was below the horizon, I was on the point of turning the camera back round when I spotted the filmed light.

I have no idea what it is and thought it may be of interest.

I came across your website after putting a search on "ask jeeves".


Remote control, computer generated, or something else? Direct link for anyone who wants to download the video to examine it:



I've just watched the York video on - although I'm open-minded, my sceptic radar picked up a clear case of fakery. Just watch the video carefully and you can see a faint reflection of someone who (I surmise) is holding some kind of light source - maybe something as simple as a TV remote or small LED pen, which could produce a point source of light. What leads me to this conclusion is that you can see the faint reflection of the person move in such a manner as would be seen if you were moving from left to right to move the light source.

Also, the movement of the light is too 'humanlike' to be produced by something out in the sky. In fact, the Nintendo Wii sensor bar has two infrared LEDs inside it, positioned along the horizontal axis (which the Wiimotes pick up with the receptor on the top), which would/could produce point light sources close to each other and easily moveable in a way which could reproduce the manner in which these two lights are seen in the video.

I'm all for legitimate sightings, but this seems to be out and out fake. You may wish to mark this particular entry with a sceptic alert notice ;)



UFOINFO Note: I agree with Christopher about the video and that was the reason I wrote "Remote control, computer generated, or something else?" To be honest I'm thought there would have been more comments about the video - John @ UFOINFO