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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 30th 2008 : Thornton Hough, Wirral, Chrshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Thornton Hough Wirral

Date: 30/08/08

Time: roughly 21.30

Number of witnesses: Me and two men in a van

Number of objects: Roughly 15-20

Shape of objects: Orange ball lights

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: I was driving through Thornton Hough, I saw the orange lights and stopped to look at them properly, they appeared to be floating except every now and again one of them moved up and down. There was no noise. I took a photo. When I got home I looked at the photo and zoomed in and they are definately strange. They appear to metal as light is reflecting of them and there are lots of them. By the time I got towards clatterbridge they where gone.

TV/Radio: Not known I it was reported but others must have seen them somewhere they were so bright.


Here is my picture. If you zoom in and lighten it, you can see them quite clearly. If there not ufos then maybe you could kindly tell me what they are. Everyone I have shown are amazed. I did not see these objects, all I saw was orange balls. Only when I got home did I take a look at what the camera had picked up. Thanks for your interest.

UFOINFO Note: There was camera shake on the original photo (see street light on left of full size photo) making it hard to judge what was actually seen - click image for full size original

Cropped section of photo showing objects. Please note that there was camera shake on the original photo - click for full size.
Cropped section of photo showing objects
Click for full size