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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

October 10th 2008 : Worthing, West Sussex, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Worthing, UK

Date: 10th October 2008

Time: 10pm - 10.30pm

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Changing

Weather Conditions: Clear sky

Description: Looking out of a north-west facing window, I first saw an odd shaped light, hard to describe. Like a cluster of small lights, bent like an L shape. Then it turned into a blue-white funnel shape, then became an orange-gold oblong light. It stayed like that for a while, then changed to an inverted V shape, then back to oblong then finally, to a round orb type shape that grew smaller and was gone when I finally checked at 10.30.

It was definitely not a fire balloon. (I've seen one of those.) I wondered if it was a helicopter, (police or air sea rescue) but they have a flashing light attached, and there was no flashing light with this. Also, it stayed in exactly the same spot for at least 20 minutes. Helicopters usually drift a bit, or circle. They run out of fuel fairly fast.

TV/Radio: No, nothing to my knowledge.