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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

October 23rd 2008 : Harrow/Hendon, London, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: London, Harrow (Middx), Hendon Area

Date: Thursday 23rd October 2008

Time: 21:30

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 4 to 5

Shape of objects: Grey squarish orb like lights fairly large

Weather Conditions: Clear, windy

Description: ***I would be very grateful if my name details be kept anonymous please* Much appreciated.*** [I never give out names of witnesses unless they request it - John @ UFOINFO]

I drove with my little 3 month old with me yesterday leaving South Harrow from a friends that evening of 23rd October at about 21:10. Upon reaching Kenton Road (Harrow) while I was driving along a fairly straight well lit main road, above from the top part of the front windscreen window of my car I saw what looked like squarish orb like whitish/grey formations of lights 4 to 5 circulating above in the sky (night was clear but weather quite windy). They would circulate not too slow not too fast then four spots of these formations would come in the middle (inwards and meet) then circulate outwards, then come inwards again then circulate outwards this cycle kept repeating itself. It was quite an amazing display. I was astonished at first I assumed they were like a lazer show display or a display of lights above hitting the sky and there is some kind of celebration, festivity down below in a park near where I was driving or a show going on in the Harrow area.

However driving from Harrow they remained above my car and were following me where ever I turned. What baffles me, that if it was some kind of display in the sky by some technical lazer show of some kind then it would show beam type of lights like you get when you have grand opening nights or a launch and you get the beams going across, in this case there were no beams at ground level going straight across and moving above. But because I changed so many roads went from one area to another they constantly remained above the square mile area in which I was driving. Even if you see the full moon at a distance while driving it stays with you along a full stretch road its only when you turn or head towards a different direction in my case you lose it or see it from another angle, in which case here these orb type lights remained at a constant pace circulating above my car in the sky as if they have been following me. I cannot estimate the square mile area they were covering it was difficult to explain the circulating distance in the sky would probably have been about 1/4 of a square mile approx.

I do not really believe what I saw could have been lights from an unidentified flying object from out of this world however I remain sceptical all I need to know that was there any type of show or display of lights covering middlesex/greater london North -West London last night between 9pm-10pm.??? I will also be contacting the University of London Observatory in Mill Hill Watford Way as I live quite near there if they have been aware of this activity.

When I reached home in Hendon they were still above circulating in the sky, its when I parked and took my baby inside and came out after a few minutes those orb like lights disappeared and were not seen again. My family members also witnessed them when I arrived home my father had the main door opened as he had just arrived he saw them, so did my mother and cousin.