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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

October 23rd/24th 2008 : Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Report

Location: Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England

Date: October 23rd/24th 2008

Time: 7:00pm

Witnesses: 2

Subject: Glowing balls in the sky over Warsop on Thu and Fri 23/24th October 2008

My father recently told me of an odd sighting he made.

He was taking the dog for a walk around 7pm on Friday 24th October, when he saw in the sky a, 'ball that flickered like a flame'. He was near the junction of Southgate Road and Meden Avenue, Warsop, looking roughly south, when he said he saw he object moving in the direction of Edwinstowe. It was only a couple of hundred feet up yet moved silently and left no smoke trail, but conversely it travelled too quickly to be a balloon or any similar object. Approximately an hour later when he was back at home, power was suddenly cut to all the appliances in the house, yet every light remained working. On checking the breakers in the garage he expected to find that a minor one had been thrown, but oddly it was the master switch that had flicked to the off position. This was unusual as this action should have cut all power to the house, yet as mentioned the lights had all stayed on. When he subsequently repositioned the master switch and checked them, all the appliances in the house functioned normally, thus the reason why the circuit was tripped remains unknown (obviously it should only flick off in the event of a fault occurring).

He mentioned all of the above to me in an unrelated phone call that I made to him that same night, and I was tempted to accept it as "just one of those things" until it was independently verified by his next door neighbour. On the Saturday of that same week I again phoned my parents' house and my father told me that earlier that day my mother had gone round to see the next door neighbours. Of the couple who live there only the wife had been in, and during their conversation she remarked that on the Thursday her husband had been out walking his dog around 8pm when he had seen a glowing ball in the sky over the Meden School playing field. Later that same night when he had been at home, the electricity to his kitchen likewise failed, yet it remained on in all the other rooms of their house. When he therefore went to check their breakers he, too, found that the master switch had been thrown, which once more should have cut all power, yet clearly this did not occur.

I must emphasise that although they live next to one another, my father had no contact with either of the next door neighbours prior to his own sighting. Furthermore, having seen your site and reports of previous local sightings (e.g., my father has said that the object shown in the video at (see below) is identical to that which he saw. We were thus wondering if you had been made aware of any other recent reports, and if you had any theories or explanations for the phenomena?

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