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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

October 27th 2008 : South Shields, Tyne & Wear, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: South Shields/Tyne & Wear

Date: 27/10/08

Time: 5pm

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Round

Weather Conditions: Mainly clear with scattered cloud/just starting to get dark.

Description: I actually have a number of recent sightings to tell about (since July). I'll work backwards from the most recent.

Today (27/10/08) looking from my dining room window which faces towards the river Tyne (north) I saw a bright yellow/orange light, fairly low in the sky off in the distance over to the west which I at first took to be the front light of an aeroplane (planes often follow the course of the Tyne out over the North Sea before circling back inland to land at Newcastle airport).

The light was getting brighter then dimming occasionally. However I noticed it was not actually getting any closer and I then thought maybe it was a helicopter hovering. After 10 minutes it had not moved. Nor had it changed luminosity for a good while either. A helicopter would not remain so perfectly still facing one direction for so long.

After 15 - 20 mins I took a look from a bedroom window and watched as a long thin cloud passed in front of the light. It was totally obscured and obviously quite some distance away in fact. I expected to see the object re-emerge a few minutes later after the cloud had past but when the cloud was gone so was the light.

This is similar to an incident I experienced two weeks earlier on a Saturday afternoon. I was outside unloading shopping from the car (about 1pm) when I looked up and noticed a plane coming in to land (following the Tyne out to sea as usual). I noticed an elongated black shape to the left of the plane which at first glance I took to be a bird with outstretched wings. However when I looked again the shape (actually more ciger shaped) was travelling north and after a few seconds disappeared behind some latticed clouds meaning it was much higher up and larger than I at first thought. I watched expecting to see it appear through numerous gaps in the clouds but it never emerged. I waited a good 2 or 3 minutes for it to clear the clouds completely but it wasn't to be seen antwhere. It's like it had darted behind the clouds for cover. It would have to have been really quite as the clouds were fairly high.

I've actually been watching the skies quite frequently lately since a more compelling occurrance happened back in July. I was in my parents garden with my 6 year old son and it was around 11am one Tuesday. It was a really warm, bright sunny, cloudless day. Glancing upwards I noticed 3 dark orbs emerge over the roofs of houses further up the street. At first I thought they might be balloons and they seemed to rotate and glint occasionally in the sun meaning they were actually metallic in colour not black at all. They flew over in a very stable formation at a very uniform speed. They ascended, levelled out and then changed course, heading out towards the coast, again without breaking formation even slightly. I was the only one to witness this but I did mention it to my (very sceptical) father who tried to say it was probably some kind of gliding birds migrating that were further away than they appeared.

However the very next day I was in my parents garden again but it was probably about 4pm and this time my father was there. The very same orbs (2 only at first) reappeared from exactly the same direction. I couldn't believe it. We watched as they made the same accent but this time they seperated and on reaching a certain height split of in three different directions. My father called my mother out and she spotted the third one ion a totally different part of the sky heading on its own different course.

On both occasions the orbs were travelling at a very even and fairly unhurried speed before gaining height and picking up pace therein.

This is the first time I have ever witnessed these type of things but I have been facinated that people have been reporting the same/similar all over the UK/world this year especially.

The pictures taken by another earlier poster on this site at Tynemouth could well be the same thing I witnessed in my parents garden but I was much closer.