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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

December 10th 2008 : Whitchurch, Bristol, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Whitchurch, Bristol

Date: 10/12/08

Time: 6.25pm - 6.35pm approx

Number of witnesses: Three

Number of objects: Three

Shape of objects: Orange Orbs

Weather Conditions: Cold, frosty, calm, no clouds

Description: Just pulling across the bedroom curtains when I noticed an orange orb travelling towards our house. I called my two boys who also watched through the window. We have quite a good view all over Bristol. We dashed downstairs and continued to watch from our driveway. It was travelling from west to east on a steady path (almost like a incoming plane). My first thoughts that it was a satellite but it was far too low and glowed very bright orange. Suddenly it just disappeared, but for a few seconds after the glow had gone I could see the black shape of it. Then we noticed a second orb travelling in exactly the same flight path and same speed but this one veered off to the right and started heading south. Then another appeared and turned and went south also. We watched for about 10 minutes. These looked just like what I saw on 16th October 2008. Very strange. I wondered if they could be lanterns, but I was suprised just how fast they were travelling and in such a proper flight path. As there was no wind or breeze I thought they would float or drift, but they just stayed at the same speed and height. Even if they were lanterns, my boys now have a story to tell their school friends.