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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

December 14th 2008 : M5 Motorway Junction 22, near Weston Super Mare, Somerset, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: M5 Motorway Junction 22, Near Weston Super Mare, Somerset

Date: 14th Dec 2008

Time: 3pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Diamond

Weather Conditions: cold, clear but cloudy

Description: Was driving towards Taunton on the M5 - As we were approaching Brent Knoll I noticed a big bright light in front of some grey clouds, it was as bright as zinc would be when lit. As it headed towards the clouds the light seemed to reduce in size before disappearing into the clouds. It was then that i noticed a strange dark shape sat at the side of Brent Knoll (which is a hill that sits alone) I pointed this out to my son who is 18 - who proceeded to watch this as i was driving. The shape that was just sat there seemed to drop very quickly then as quickly as it dropped it went back to its original position. As i was driving and couldn't keep my eyes on it constantly - i looked over and noticed it had moved to sitting over the top of the hill. My son then pointed out that he was actually watching another one - there was 2!

The shape that didn't seem to be moving either, turned around facing us and what would appear to of been a huge light was right in the centre of a dark almost diamond shape, with a bump shape on the top. Unfortunately as we driving on the motorway we could't pull over and watch it properly or take a photograph. So we were left with no alternative but to drive away from this and watch it through my rear view mirror and my son through the back window.

It didn't appear to move again in all the time that we drove off down the motorway. It definitely wasn't a helicopter, aeroplane nor a bird - as it would have to of been bigger than an albatross! It was relatively low due to the size of the hill - and relatively big, and it certainly didn't have wings.

I really am convinced that someone else must of seen these - not to mention the brightness of the light was impossible to miss driving towards it. The bright light that also disappeared into the clouds could not of been a reflection of the sun - as the sun was behind the cloud it disappeared into.

Also as this was 3pm - why would a helicopter or otherwise have its light on?

I wonder if anyone did see this?

Thanks for reading.