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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

January 1st 2008 : Ashton under Lyne, Manchester, Lancashire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Ashton under Lyne/Manchester UK

Date: 31st dec 08/1st Jan 09

Time: 00:00

Number of witnesses: 5

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Dome top flat bottom

Weather Conditions: Clear (star light)

Description: We looked outside to watch the new year fireworks when we noticed 3 stationary objects in the sky, at first we thought what great fireworks then together in a row they started to move towards us. Then the on in the center moved faster and lower into a triangle formation. The one to our right then moved up and to the right turning and disappearing, the other two then followed this arc, about three minuets later two more objects appeared and followed the same line.

The objects looked like fires in the sky flame orange to the eye with a dome top and flat rectangle bottom.


UFOINFO Note: As with other similar reports I asked the witness to have a look at the UFO Balloons website to see if this is what might have been seen and received the following reply:

Hi John,

I have looked at the 'UFO' balloons and can confirm these are not what we saw. The colour was about the same however the movement appeared controlled and the hight they reached before finally disappearing in a clear sky could not have been reached by such devices.

Best Regards